Monday, May 30, 2011

Revisions and Rants

Is there anything more disgusting than a hair in your food? No. It's the pinnacle of revolting. And it happened. Again. Twice at the same restaurant. And that restaurant is...drum roll please....Dino and Francescos.
I'm thinking this guy is the cook there:
The first one was in a pizza we ordered to go. Danelle was so grossed out she stated that she'll never eat there again. I, however, chalked it up as a fluke, and on Saturday went there for lunch with my brother-in-law. He had a meatball sub. He took a bite and there was a hair sticking out of the meatball. God, I want to hurl just talking about it.

So we walk in, at lunchtime,  in the middle of a spirited conversation, and upon opening the door, still talking, find that every head turned to look at us. Why? Because it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. No music, eerily quiet. We definitely stood out. No one else in the whole restaurant was talking, because they didn't want everyone else to hear their conversations. So we stop talking and eat in silence. Nothing could be heard except the clanging of forks. I felt like I was in an episode of  "The Twilight Zone". Anyway, it's totally silent until I'm forced to whisper to Dave that there's a hair hanging out of his meatball.

But it's not just that. The waitstaff does have a bit of an attitude; not friendly at all. And, while it's not necessary (or desirable) to be phony, you don't have to project that you absolutely hate your job. I went to the restroom to wash my hands and one of the waitresses, who was doing some table wiping and bussing, almost collided with me. No apology or even acknowledgement. I guess I'm just some pesky asshole who came into her world to get in her way. Also, it was about 50 degrees in there. So, unfortunately, Dino and Francesco's slides from two snaps up in a circle to thumbs down. We will not be returning.

The second revision is for Alfredo's in South Side. We previously liked it here, but after eating there four additional times, have to give it a thumbs down also. Why? The service. It's slow or simply non-existant. And it doesn't matter if it's crowded or not. You get exacly the same degree of service. There are dozens of Italian/pizza restaurants in this city with fantastic food and service, so we have decided we won't put up with the "pizza nazi" routine. Is it some kind of weird marketing practice that I'm unaware of to be rude or inattentive to your customers? I don't do it in my business because I want them to come back and refer me to others. Seems like common sense, but I guess not.

We hate to end on a negative note, so we will say that we've eaten at a few places recently that were exceptional. Reviews coming soon!