Saturday, January 1, 2011

Uno Chicago Grill

Today we had lunch at Uno Chicago Grill in Dickson City. Why did we eat pizza at a chain restaurant when we live in NEPA? Because we've lost our minds! But only temporarily, as it will never happen again.
Really, it wasn't my idea. Anyway, here's the rundown:
We got there early - 11:10 am. (We'd been up since 4:30 am). We were the very first customers. The waitress seated us, and took our drink order. Right after we get our drinks, another party of five comes in. A family. With kids. Now, the whole restaurant is empty except for us, and it's a pretty big place. So naturally, they seat the family with rambunctious child RIGHT NEXT TO US! Literally no more than eight inches away from us! We could hear them chewing their food (and vice versa), for pete's sake. So right off the bat, we're pissed. One can only conclude that they obviously don't want repeat customers, because, come on, that is such a douchy thing to do to a customer. They could very well have afforded us a little privacy but didn't.
And why? Because the lazy server doesn't want to walk three extra steps?

We ordered a deep dish pizza, chunky tomato and cheese. It's just not good. Honestly, I can't even believe I'm wasting my energy writing this, because normal local people probably wouldn't go here anyway.
So here's my take on the pizza. Tastes like Prego sauce from a jar. The cheese is ok, the crust is way too filling, and not particularly flavorful. Danelle like it, though. But then again, her idea of haute cuisine is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Unless you like being intimate with strangers and eating sub par pizza, skip this one and go anywhere else in town if you're craving pizza. I mean anywhere.

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