Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marsico's Pizza and Restaurant

It's finally happened. We've found the best pizza on the planet earth. I know, it seems like we're always saying this, but this time it's true. To be fair, we only tried one variety of pizza here, but we're sticking to it. It's the fresh spinach and garlic pizza. This is a square pizza with no red sauce. Just tons of garlic, olive oil, the freshest spinach ever, and delicious cheese.

Marsico's is on 259 N Main St in Taylor. It's in a cute house, with lights on the trees out front. Inside it's quite charming, and even a little fancy - cloth napkins and tablecloths, and a nice decor. They don't serve alcohol, but you can bring your own bottle, and everyone else did the night we went. We opted for the NEPA staple, RC cola. Shoulda brought a bottle.

It's a tiny place; only 8 tables in the room we were seated in. There may be another room, though, we're not sure.
So, here's the deal: If you go here, bring a bottle, because you will wait a long time for dinner. How long? We grew beards in there. Long ones. Danelle crocheted an afghan. I made a quilt! Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little, but we were there for an hour and a half (total), and there were only 5 other tables occupied. Normally we'd be upset about waiting so long, especially on a work night, but once we tasted the pizza we forgot all about it. It was totally worth the wait. This pizza is amazing, especially if you are of the mindset that there is no such thing as too much garlic. There is enough garlic on this pizza to kill Bela Lugosi, or maybe two teenage vampires from the twilight series. This pizza was so good that we could only wait three days before we had to have it again (we ordered it for takeout this time). It's like crack, only legal.

I would've taken a photo, but my cell phone fell in the toilet (at home). But that's a story for another blog.


  1. I can't wait to visit yous and sample some of this best pizza on Earth and the fare at your neighborhood Indian restaurant!

  2. Underwater Photography?

  3. u need to try maroni's that is the best pizza in the world!!