Monday, November 29, 2010

The Longhorn Steakhouse

This is a chain steakhouse located in Moosic in the Montage Shoppes. And we do pronounce it Shoppies.
We have been eating here more than we should, as it is a little bit out of our budget for frequent dining. So it's a bit pricey, and we've noticed that it's always chilly there, whether it's summer or winter. It's always a little uncomfortable.
But the! It's delicious. We've never been disappointed. The steak is always good, and so Danelle ordered Flo's Fillet, which is a 7 oz steak for $18.79. We always order the smallest steak, and it is always more than enough. This comes with salad and your choice of side, but if you don't get the mashed potatoes, you are crazy. I mean, if you're gonna splurge, you might as well go all the way. They are actual potatoes, with some red skin bits in there. You can get a dinner salad or a cesar salad, and they do this correctly as well. The dressing is homemade and not chemically tangy or tart. They also serve this insanely delectable honey wheat bread (warm).
I had the Chicken Tenders for $13.99. These are served with a divine honey mustard sauce (which is a little creamy), a side and salad. These are the best chicken strips I've ever had. Ever.
We've had the same waitress (is it politically incorrect to say waitress?) every time we've been there. And she's nice.
This place has one weakness, in our humble opinion, and that is the desserts. I had key lime pie, which was way too sweet and frozen. And Danelle had the cheesecake, which was also frozen, and tasted no better than a Sara Lee frozen cheesecake from the supermarket.  Oh, and one more negative: they play country music. Needless to say, because of this, we don't linger. We just eat and go. And pray we don't get a dumbass song about a John Deere tractor stuck in our heads.
But overall we can confidently recommend this place for like-minded carnivores. Two thumbs up.

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