Thursday, November 25, 2010

Old Forge Pizza is Incredible

Ok, a little background. I was born and raised in Scranton, and left at age 18. I've been away for 27 years and returned 5 months ago. My partner Danelle is a California girl. This is where we've been for the past 10  years or so.
The thing I've missed the most about this great area is the pizza. I love it all. Pizza by Pappas, Buona's on Lackawanna Ave., The Slice, and the list goes on. We've had to endure California Pizza, which pretty much boils down to Domino's or Pizza Hut.
So last night we went to Arcaro and Genell's on Main Street in Old Forge. It was a very nice experience.
It's one of the few pizza joints in the area that have actually updated the decor since 1978. Nice looking bar, cute tables and linens.
They served a complementary appetizer of bread and antipasti which consisted of chickpeas, roasted red peppers and garlic. We ordered a "tray" of the red original crust. (I'll get into the whole "tray" anomaly in another post). Wow, I had forgotten how fantastic Old Forge Pizza is! We both enjoyed it thoroughly, and the bill for the pizza and two soft drinks was $17.00.
We will definitely be back the next time we're craving pizza.

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