Monday, December 6, 2010

Taco Bandito

This review will be short and not so sweet. Maybe I'm spoiled from having lived in California for the last 10 years. California, where there are 4 Mexican restaurants on every corner. Real Mexican food. But, with this cross country move, we also made the decision to sacrifice Mexican for Italian food, and here we are. We were craving tacos, and tried to find a Taco Bell. But the closest one is in Clarks Summit, which is a little further than we wanted to go for tacos and burritos. Then I remembered Taco Bandito. It's on Main Street in West Side.
So we get there, and we are the only customers in the place. At dinner time. This should have been a clue for us, but we persisted, eager for a taste of Mexican food. The tacos arrive. In one bite our eager anticipation turned to horror. What kind of "meat" is this? Is it meat? It has a weird texture and just a bad, bad taste. Now, I'm not one to throw away food. I'm actually bulimic. I just keep forgetting to purge. Anyway, this went right into the trash. Just thinking about it now makes me a wee bit nauseous.
The positives: it's cheap, and the ambiance isn't bad for fast food. However, we have to give Taco Bandito two thumbs down.  Better to make your own tacos at home. We would if we could. My camera is still broken, and there are no images of Taco Bandito available online, so here instead is a picture of the Frito Bandito. This brings me right back to a happy place.


  1. didnt know that place was even still open! Eeewwwww... Now I wonder WHY it is still open...

  2. OMG, that reminds me of the time Kim and I went to El Burrito here in Naperville, thinking it must be good with Mexicans making the food. Ours also went into the trash...and I believe we couldn't eat Mexican food for months. Unfortunately, it is on a major route we take often, and every time we pass it, we say in unison, "Ohhh, it's El Burrito." Luckily for me, I work in the city, and Chicago has some great places, like Tio Luis, which restored my faith!!!!