Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marvelous Muggs

We ate here unintentionally. We were headed for 81 North, headed for Uno's in Dickson City, saw the heavy traffic from the overpass, and decided to give Marvelous Muggs a try instead. This place is ok. Just ok. It's something I can't quite put my finger on, but we most likely won't be going back. They didn't do anything wrong; the service was acceptable, the food ok, the prices ok. It's clean, but I have to say, the ambiance is a little strange. They were going for an old fashioned look when they built it, and it is nice enough...wood and brass kind of thing. And wallpaper. But there are photos of random people all over the place. Nobody famous - just ordinary people. I found it a little off-putting, like I'm in somebody's house and I wasn't really invited there.
Is this why they call the place Marvelous Muggs? Maybe, or maybe it is because they serve the soup and drinks in mugs. Or both.
Danelle had the filet mignon, which she said was ok. I had a steak ciabatta and baked potato soup, which was also ok. Since it was Danelle's birthday, we also had dessert. She had pumpkin pie, and I had Mississippi mud pie. It was, you know, "ok".

We were seated near two geeky guys who clearly had no concept of inside voice vs. outside voice. We were privy to their whole conversation, unfortunately. But it did provide entertainment for us. We tried to guess what brought them together. I surmised that there was perhaps a comic book convention in town, while Danelle thought it was a Star Trek event. Dungeons and Dragons festival was also brought up, but they actually weren't cool enough for that.
I don't want to either recommend or discourage you from going here. Maybe you should go and decide for yourself; I think in this case, it may just be a matter of taste. Ok? Ok!

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